If you think that traffic congestion through Silverdale and the Peninsula is as bad as it gets – think again!!

The just released Auckland Transport “Future urban networks including Penlink” presentation (see website) confirms three new large Future Urban Zones close to Silverdale as a result of Auckland Council decisions on the Unitary Plan. They are in addition to and each about the same size as the Wainui growth area, recently ‘live zoned’ for a mix of residential housing types as well as local businesses.

About 27,000 new homes and businesses employing 13,000 people will be built – all generating traffic in and around Silverdale. Then add on the 1800 households that Penlink Project planners said three years ago would be built on the Peninsula in coming years (a conservative assessment, I believe), and a recipe for traffic bedlam is complete.

Your feedback demanding immediate action on Penlink is helping. Politicians in city hall with power to help push for quick decisions are taking note of your website messages to the Chamber.

I say that unless Penlink is build quickly then these new housing developments should not proceed – the road system wouldn’t cope.

The Penlink project has sat on Council’s plans for 35 years. It’s a disgrace that more and more houses are being planned without the certainty that the roads needed to reach them are being built in readiness for when people move in. Together we will get the right result – there is no other choice.


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For more information contact Michael Barnett, mobile: 0275 631 150.
Michael Barnett, Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce.