Penlink is a 7km link from Whangaparaoa Peninsula across Weiti River to join SH1, and bypass Silverdale. The project has been on Auckland transport planning schedules since 1981 - more than 35 years.

The Hibiscus Coast and North Shore communities are desperate for the project to begin. They are sick of 5km of congestion every day and a number of businesses on the Peninsula are struggling.

  • Penlink is ready to go; it has a consent; appeals have been dealt with; the land has been purchased
  • There is a strong business case with a very positive cost benefit: BCR of 2.9 for a four lane version. Auckland Transport’s latest design and construction cost is around $359m ((including work to link with NZTA’s SH1 network)
  • It is in the Auckland Council-Government ATAP programme (Auckland Transport Alignment Project) but still nearly a decade away from starting and only as a two lane road and bridge
  • An unsolicited bid by an international group to establish a joint venture with a NZ construction company to undertake the Penlink Toll Road Project as a BOOT – Build, Own, Operate, Transfer – has been lodged with the NZ Transport Agency.


The Auckland Business Chamber

One of the Chamber’s main roles is to provide and deliver the best platform for business to operate from. That’s why we have launched the Penlink Project - a campaign supported by those living and doing business in the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Hibiscus Coast and North Shore.

Building this four lane link with the motorway will:

  • elp unlock crippling congestion to both people and businesses on the Peninsula and Hibiscus Coast

  • deliver improved accessibility, greater productivity and increased quality of life that people on the Hibiscus Coast and North Shore deserve.


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