Penlink Project – State of Play

Penlink has been on Auckland transport planning as a possible PPP since 1981. It is a 7km link from Whangaparaoa Peninsula across Weiti River to join SH1, and bypass Silverdale

  • Penlink is ready to go; it has a consent; appeals have been dealt with; the land has been purchased
  • There is a strong business case: BCR of 2.9 for 4 lane version
  • The community want it – they are sick of 5km of congestion everyday (morning peak) and a number of businesses on the Peninsula are struggling
  • It is in the Auckland Council-Government ATAP program for the 2nd decade; BUT this decision was taken before the ‘live zoning’ of Wainui and confirmation of three similar sized Future Urban Zones added to the Silverdale, Wainui and Dairy Flat precinct as a result of Auckland Council decisions on the Unitary Plan, & which add about 27,000 new homes to the area over the next 30 years.
  • Political indications are ‘positive’: they won’t stand in the Chamber’s way; are open to bringing the project forward in the ATAP program; on a proviso (Auckland Council) that CAPEX/OPEX doesn’t affect Council’s debt-to-revenue ratio; Government is keen for genuinely new funding to be found.
  • A PPP in form of a BOOT (or on same FBT basis Puhoi-Wellsford project is being financed) is an option; market soundings to test market appetite forms part of the Chamber initiative
  • AT’s latest design and construct cost is around $359m ((including work to link with NZTA’s SH1 network)


The Auckland Business Chamber has been asked to take a leadership role

We have launched the PenLink Project, which is a campaign supported by those living and doing business in the Whangapaeroa Peninsula, including Orewa, Silverdale, Mairangi Bay to Wainui.

Over decades we have witnessed congestion build from queues of 500m to over 5km. We have had promises from Governments suggesting they will respond, but so far it has been talk and no tarseal.

To build this four lane link with the motorway will deliver improved accessibility, greater productivity and a quality of life people on the Shore deserve - to not deliver on these values is an insult.

Auckland Chamber’s publicised view - an early call will be loudly applauded locally

  • Will help unlock congestion in both Silverdale and Peninsula; enable housing developments and potentially other infrastructure needed to cope with urban growth in this part of Auckland; and,
  • Because it is a small project in the total scheme of Auckland’s (NZ’s) transport issues and will be a PPP it won’t impact too much on the funding available; whether ultimate risk is under-written by government or Council or a shared arrangement

The link is consented, along with a very positive cost benefit, so what we need now is political will and your support.


Penlink Survey

Penlink Survey

The $390m Penlink Project is fully consented and ‘ready to go'. However with no funding, a construction start is still unconfirmed -  a start could be another 10 years under current plans. Meanwhile the congestion you face gets worse by the day as more and more houses are built.  Silverdale and Whangaparaoa businesses therefore struggle to take advantage of Auckland’s booming growth.

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Latest News

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